Cat scratch fever! the heat is on in the BC Liberal leadership race! #bcpoli #leadbcl

With one day left until the vote on weighted distribution, and the actual debates finally starting to happen among BC Liberal leadership hopefuls, things are heating up!


Christy Clark has kicked it up a notch by bringing Pamela Martin into the spotlight.  Perhaps to deflect the criticisms she wants to level, but doesn’t want to level directly for fear of being called bitchy when positioning George Abbott as the big bad wolf!

I suspect this is also a not-so-gentle reminder to the other candidates that while only card carrying Liberal party members are voting on the 26th, at some point, there will be a need to appeal to the populace, and who better to trust than someone your favourite news anchor is backing … Fun and games all round!

Furthermore, while the name Olympia has crossed no lips, there continues to be oblique reference to kittygate — proof that cats do indeed have nine lives ;).   I hope they all remember, cat scratches can be a nasty thing indeed!  Make sure there’s lots of hydrogen peroxide on hand!

To watch the next episode of what is starting to become slightly soap-operatic,  the BC liberal website will have coverage of the Extraordinary convention in Vancouver.   In theory, the focus is to vote on the single vote vs. weighted vote structure for the Feb 26th leadership vote, BUT I expect a claw or two to come out!